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Gate barrier system in Dubai

Are you looking to install a robust gate barrier system from a reliable security gate barrier dealer in Dubai? We are the leading Gate barrier system in Dubai providing robust security solutions and systems.

Security Gate Barrier system in Dubai

Are you looking to install a robust gate barrier system from a reliable security gate barrier dealer in the state of UAE? We are the leading Gate barrier supplier in the UAE providing robust security solutions and systems.

Gate barrier system is also called the parking arm barrier commonly used as vehicle parking barrier at security checkpoints to restrict the passage of un authorized vehicles at the parking entrances. This is also known as an automatic arm barrier.

Being a major gate barrier system in Dubai, We do have extensive expertise in the installation of wide varieties of such automatic gate barriers for many security gate requirements.

We also integrate Gate barriers with smart biometric and RFID smart card readers, an automatic number plate recognition software system enabling you to open the gate when an authorized number is detected.

Our Services Methodology in a nutshell:

  • Design of the system

  • Supply of the components

  • Installation and implementation of the system

  • Annual maintenance service of the implemented system

KeenTeQ, As a Major Gate Barrier system in Dubai

We take comprehensive turnkey projects in terms of gate barrier systems. We always focus on the entire automation of the system. Automated parking security solutions are the combination of many related systems. Our extra effort in bringing a world class gate barrier solution makes us a leading gate barrier supplier in UAE. Parking Arm gate barriers are integrated with ANPR cameras to recognize the vehicle coming to the entrance. Once the vehicle is identified, it can trigger the gate barrier to open.

Long Range UHF readers can be used to identify the vehicles using RFID tags to trigger the gate barrier. Gate barrier solutions are also integrated with many other parking management solutions. When a car approaches a gate, the reader will identify the car using RFID technology and will open the gate.

Our Specialized software which comes with our biometric and RFID smart card readers enable you to get many detailed reports of the vehicles.

In addition,the security arm gate barriers can be integrated with RFID smart card reading machines, video/ Audio intercom systems to authenticate authorized entries of vehicles at the security gates.

How a Security Gate Barrier Works as a Vehicle Parking Barrier?

As we mentioned above, gate barriers are mainly used as security gate barriers at the entrances of parking areas. So a security gate barrier usually works as a vehicle parking barrier. Type of barrier enabled only authorized vehicles to enter. A modern parking security gate solution is a combination of a drop down arm barrier, smart card readers, push buttons, remotes, loop sensors and photocells.

We can operate gate barriers through smart card readers to identify the vehicle or the driver. This smart card reader can be RFID or biometric reader, or both together. When a driver comes to the entrance of parking, they can show the card or biometric identification credential to allow them to access the parking areas. When access is granted, an automatic barrier goes up to open the gate.

We can use remote control also to open the gate barrier system. Loop sensors are used at the exits to open the gate automatically while you go out of the parking space.

We are an established company in UAE providing most secured vehicle traffic security boom barrier gate solutions for many enterprises and multinational companies. Our experience and expertise in the field of automatic parking arm gate barrier system in Dubai makes us one of the highly recommended suppliers for such solutions in the market. Our skilled, trained and certified engineers are able to develop customized vehicle parking gate solutions to every client that best fits their individual scenario. With internationally recognized vendors and a team of professionals we are able to deliver high quality solutions above and beyond the market standards, hence making us market leaders in the field of business and security systems in the state of UAE.

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