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Tips for Choosing a Reliable Gate Barrier Supplier in Dubai

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

gate barrier supplier in Dubai

Gate barriers are frequently employed in residential and commercial structures to regulate automotive access. If you work as a system integrator, gate automation installation, or even a gate barrier supplier in Dubai like KeenTeQ, you should be able to choose the optimum gate barrier for the client. For the most part, datasheets and catalogs are unless you already know what you're doing.

Things to think about before purchasing a Gate barrier supplier in Dubai

At KeenTeQ, the gate barrier supplier in Dubai, we constantly work to communicate our research and lessons learned to our partners and the gate automation industry at large. Here is our endeavor to give you a checklist of the crucial inquiries to make and the likely responses to seek. You have to apply this advice to help you stay clear of the frequent pitfalls and traps that novices fall into.

The inquiries are listed below

  1. What use case do you have?

  2. How would you like to manage who has access to the building?

  3. Safety features to take into account

  4. Additional aspects to think about

What use case do you have?


Before buying a boom gate, one must choose the installation location and operation style. Boom gates are available that are made expressly for straightforward applications like parking lots and traffic management at significant railroad and industrial crossings. Understanding the application, the amount of accessible space, and the frequency of use is essential.

Frequency of operation (Duty Cycle)

Another element to consider is the duty cycle, or how frequently a boom gate runs.

What makes the duty cycle so crucial?

The level of automatic gate opening and closing before the motor becomes too hot. Duty cycle recipes typically include percentages. A place with heavy traffic, such as a retail mall or toll plaza, can be a continuous use case for a 100% duty cycle.

The two categories with the highest frequency are residential (duty cycle: 40-70%) and commercial (duty cycle: 100-200%). A gate barrier at a retail establishment will be used significantly more frequently than one at an apartment. Consider the worst-case scenario when calculating the necessary duty cycle.

Barrier operator

Most barrier operators reside in the barrier body, which is attached to the floor or foundation plate. The barrier operator frequently comes with an engine that employs hydraulic or electromechanical motors. Hybrid motor technology, which combines a hydraulic brushless motor with a motor, is also used by several contemporary models, such as the FAAC b680H barrier operator. In most circumstances, hydraulic motors are more appropriate for heavy-duty, high-frequency applications.

Hydraulic vs Electromechanical Motor

Hydraulic Motor

  • If implemented correctly, hydraulic controllers are highly dependable and rarely require maintenance.

  • When a car runs into the barrier or gets tailgated, they are an extremely effective deterrent.

  • Extreme cold can be problematic since it can cause the hydraulic unit's fluid to thicken. A temperature control device, nevertheless, can fix this.

Electromechanical Motor

  • Compared to the hydraulic motor, the Electro-mechanical device is much quieter.

  • The ability to establish a variable pace for how rapidly the beam rises makes them slightly slower than hydraulic systems but gives more control.

  • The electro-mechanical unit is easier to maintain, based on the vast majority of security experts.

  • The minimum voltage and single-phase power needed by electro-mechanical units is 220 volts, which is often 12 to 15 amps more than What the hydraulic motor needs.

How do you want to manage who has access to the space?

Barrier access control

The choice of whether to operate the boom barrier using a reader, remote controller, or push button is another crucial necessity you must choose. They can be configured with push buttons, biometrics, remote controllers and receivers, UHF readers and tags, security officer control switches, and remote controllers and receivers.

Biometrics readers: Biometric readers that accept fingerprint, face, and iris data can be used to regulate the barriers.

Swipe Card Readers: RFID cards serve for access control. Type: Key-chain FOB, magnetic, proximity, and proximity cards with a magnetic stripe

Support for GSM module: By dialing the SIM placed in the GSM module, this module enables you to open the gate barrier from a distance.

Remote controller & receiver: A remote control and a radio receiver integrated into the barrier are used to operate the gates.

UHF readers & tags: When a vehicle with authenticated tags approaches the barrier, the gate can be lifted due to this feature.

Switch to Exit Button: To regulate the entrance to and fro the facility, according to the security staff.

gate barrier supplier in Dubai

Safety features to consider

Anti-crushing sensor

Safety features included in gate barriers include sensors for automatic vehicle detection and anti-crushing sensors that turn the beam around upon impact if the boom of the obstacle shuts on the vehicle. After striking an object once, the anti-crushing sensor merely prevents subsequent hits. For this reason, photocells are a necessary extra detecting method to put in place.


Electronic gadgets called photocells (motion sensors) increase security by automatically seeing vehicles or other obstructions to allow the booms to rise. Each end of the driveway will have an infrared transmitter and receiver, and anytime a blockage is detected, the barrier will prevent the gate from closing and raise the boom.

Loop detector

Other alternatives for barrier gates include vehicle detection loops (inductive loops), which are mounted on the barrier and detect vehicles as they pass through or arrive at a particular spot. The car is recognized when it enters the magnetic field produced by the connected loop detectors.

Additional features

Battery back-up

Whether you want the barrier to function during an essential interruption in power. Check for a battery backup that supports a continuous duty cycle (in hours).

Opening and closing speed

Most traditional barrier gates offer running times between 1.5 and 6 seconds.

The shape of the boom/beam

The barrier beams are shaped like circles and rectangles.

Support for modular beam/boom

What happens if the barrier requires a length greater than the typical beam length? The overall length may be increased if modular beams are supported. For a boom extension set, look.

Color of the gate barrier

Many manufacturers will support the enclosure in the color of your choice. Request the list of supported colors.

International standards or regulations

When it comes to safety and quality, look for compliance with international standards (European/ISO).

Maintenance and operating cost

You can easily get a cheap gate barrier but beware of operating and maintenance costs. Not just in terms of money, but also in terms of the accessibility of specialists and spare parts, operational costs are just as significant as capital costs.

Enclosure rating

Naturally, gate barriers are mounted outside, and the motors and other internal parts need to be shielded from debris, liquids, and other solid items. Find products with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of 54 or 56, which are the global standards.

Temperature Range

Re-think the worst-case situation and be mindful of the maximum and minimum temperatures that were previously supported and tested. Aim for a temperature range of -20 to +55 degrees.

Integrated flashing traffic light and reflector kit

These add-on modules are particularly useful at night.

Anti-panic unit or Anti-vandalism valve

Many barriers have safety elements that prevent forced opening or closing, and the anti-vandalism valve safeguards the hydraulic system in case the beam gets crushed. An anti-panic device is used to open the barrier arm in case of a power outage. It is impossible to install anti-panic and anti-vandalism units in a barrier system at the same time because an anti-vandalism valve inhibits manual or forced movement of the beam.


An elevated position is necessary when another person will be handling the access control device. Truck entry gates require dual-height pedestals whereas car access uses single-height ones.


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