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KeenTeQ provides a Video intercom system in Dubai that works in all conditions with a very high level of quality and durability, We offer you complete options available for your organization at the most affordable cost. 

Video Intercom System in Dubai

KeenTeQ provides Video intercom system in dubai that works in all conditions with a very high level of quality and

durability, We  offer you a complete options available for your organization at the most affordable cost. 


KeenTeQ’s Video Intercom line offers a comprehensive range of products to enable more efficient and convenient two-way audio and video verification for entry control. Our video intercom systems can also be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems. This adds protection for video intercom products used in residential areas or commercial premises that require higher security levels

How a video intercom system operates.

A door video intercom system is installed at the entry point. When a visitor approaches, they search for the name of the occupant they want to reach using a touchscreen or tactile button directory on the reader, then press the name to alert the occupant and initiate contact.

When the tenant responds to the alert, they can view the image of the visitor on a display or smartphone screen. The occupant can talk to the visitor if they need more information, but if they recognize the visitor, they can unlock the door or gate from their screen to allow the visitor access. A video intercom system with door release can include a relay that is linked to the occupant’s substation or mobile app to unlock the door remotely. 

The camera entry system or linked security camera with intercom can also be configured to store a record of all visitor images at the entry point, which can be useful for detecting potential security breaches, or conducting an audit after an incident.

Video entry systems or wireless intercoms with video make it safe and convenient for occupants to manage access for delivery staff or contractors they may not know, as well as friends, family, or colleagues. Audio alone may not be sufficient for recognizing different types of visitors, and often cannot detect if there are multiple people attempting to enter.

The latest technology includes remote and mobile functionality, meaning occupants don’t have to be on the property to grant access. Using a smartphone, they can handle alerts and unlock doors remotely, which makes it convenient to deal with deliveries or other services without having to physically be at the premises, and reduces wait time for visitors.

Customized Benefits and Features

  • Video intercom system can help secure your property by allowing you to visually confirm, the visitors to your home or business, without risking forced entry by unlocking / opening the front door. One or more door stations can be added to allow multiple entry points to be controlled and monitored by the intercom system.

  • Wireless intercom system connectivity can be integrated in creating a solution that will best suit the client's demand. High Resolutions of camera is a preference to the solution to enable a clearer image with quality captures in creating an efficient solution to extract greater value from the solution.

  • The intercom system we provide are integrated can be both analog and IP based system and are easy to be installed. Our systems are most suitable for multi building organizations connected with a LAN network. The video intercom system will help provide a complete control of the environment with only authorized entry with their given credentials that will variety and our solutions can be supported by RFID cards, biometrics. The visitors will be controlled and monitored at the time of entry to the organization that’s helps in ensuring a secured premise.

  • The intercom system can be used to allow remote access to the entry point by simply pressing a button on one or more installed handsets.

If you would like advice or guidance on the most suitable video intercom system at the most affordable video intercom price in dubai for your building, contact KeenTeQ.

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