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Telecom system: PABX system dubai

Telecom System: PABX System in Dubai

KeenTeQ provides industry-leading Telecom System that ranges from IP Telephone/ PBX / PABX system in Dubai that best fits for any organization that requires an efficient and economical telecom system for their business operation. With support from the best available telecom solution in the market, including Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel , Panasonic Matrix, etc 

Leading PABX system in Dubai

Communication is the essence of any business, to have proper communication channels is most essential for a company to withstand. So that a trusted phone system is integral to any business' operations no matter whether office phone systems for small business or an enterprise. Business / Office phone telecom system PABX system in Dubai allow you to set up a communications system for your business quickly. Telephone service is the lifeline of business, as it provides a way for potential and current customers to reach out to the firm. By understanding the technologies involved in an office phone system, it becomes easier to choose a system that is cost effective and adequately serves the company needs. Offers specific solutions to suite the business requirements of various segments like Hospitality, Manufacturing, Legal, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Automobile, Retail, IT, BPOs, KPOs, Education, Healthcare, Defense and Government etc.

Features of our PABX system in Dubai:

  • Auto Attendant (Digital Receptionist): Automatically connects callers to the goal extension number. It makes use of an easy menu.


  • Call Forwarding: Lets admins course incoming calls primarily based totally on precise criteria.


  • Call Pick-up: Lets the body of workers select out up and solution an incoming name for a distinct recipient.


  • Call Queuing: Allows the body of workers to create a device for routing calls to precise ring groups.


  • Call Recording: Used for name recording for legal, documentation, and monitoring, training, or different purposes.


  • Call Transfer: Enables a person handy off a stay name to any other person or extension


  • Call Waiting: Lets customers cope with many ongoing calls at identical times.


  • Conference Call: Also known as Audio Tele-Conference. You’ll need it whilst you want to talk with multiple parties.


  • Do Not Disturb (DND): Blocks incoming calls to a selected extension.


  • Speed Dialing: Use shortcuts for extension numbers. This makes it less difficult to bear in mind the touch statistics of key bodies of workers or departments.


  • Voicemail: Provide callers with the choice to go away with a voicemail message to make certain you could follow up.

Advantages of using Office Telecom system: PABX System in Dubai

  • We have a pool of highly skilled & certified engineers who are able to deploy creative and efficient communication networking solutions to every client with customized features that best fits their business telecom and PABX system in Dubai.

  • Our team has already installed complicated IP PBX systems / PABX System in Dubai for enterprises, business offices across UAE. We are working with partnered vendors and companies in creating unique Telecom solutions with very stylish, hi-tech devices and systems in creating a perfect user experience with international telecommunication standards.

  • We integrate the best available telecom solutions in the market, like Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel , Panasonic and Matrix which have been brands trusted and used around the world for IP telecom solutions.

  •  We provide companies with Hybrid PBX / PABX Telecom Systems that is a combination of both IP and Analogue telecom system working together in creating a solution that best fits for any organization that requires an efficient and economical telecom system for their business operation.

  • Our team of professional engineers are able to study and analyze the case of every client and with a clear understanding of the problems faced by the current system in place. With a complete understanding of the client’s telecommunication requirements, we draw up the best solutions. These drafts are subjected to various company infrastructures, networking circumstances, and other factors affecting seamless connectivity.

  • Our IP telecom systems have been installed and integrated in some of the largest business offices and multinational organizations in UAE.

If you are interested in upgrading your current Telephone system, KeenTeQ is here to help. We understand the everyday problems that businesses face today, and as such, we work closely with all our clients to implement fully integrated communications solutions.

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