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LED screen in Dubai

Video Wall Solutions: LED Screen in Dubai

Our LED Display screens are a significant technological development in terms of quality and service, we are proudly supplying different types of LED screens in Dubai with high standards at very affordable prices across the UAE.

LED Screen in Dubai

Our LED Display screens are a significant technological development in terms of quality and service, we are proudly supplying different types of led display panel of high standard at very affordable prices across the UAE.
An LED Display Screen is a collection or aggregation of multiple displays combined to form a single display. It utilized the LED Flat panel display which utilizes an array of LED’s as the light source. Since the technology is highly efficient, it is more popular that LCD or plasma displays. The Panels are linked or tiled together as per the client requirement in different shapes and sizes makes them unique. Installation of LED screen in Dubai offers both indoor and outdoor is with super bright screen displays and larger screen are been receiving praises for its diverse application in various domains considering customized aspect ratio.

Features of our LED screens in Dubai:

LED displays are more expensive and more complicated to use, but why are more and more people choosing LED displays as the carrier for advertising?

Mainly because of the following several advantages of LED displays:


1. The LED display is flexible to splice​ seamlessly. Compared with the LCD display,its biggest advantage is that it can be spliced ​​to infinity, and all the length and width ratios you need can be available. Perfectly suitable for all kinds of advertising scenes.

2. The brightness of LED display can be very high. Outdoor displays can basically ensure the advertisements are showed normally under direct sunlight. Their brightness is more than 5,500 lumens but that of a LCD display is around 500 lumens.

3. LED display can easily achieve more than 1000 refresh rate, better color reproduction ability (10Bit color), better contrast, thus it greatly enhance the advertising effect.

4. LED display is more suitable for a variety of harsh environments. After all, the LED display is an industrial product. Compared with the LCD, it can be more perfectly adapted to various harsh environments, such as under high temperature (>60 ° C),and low temperature (< -20 ° C), windproof and waterproof , salt-proof, insect resistant, anti-collision, etc.

5. Of course, LED display also has its disadvantages, such as expensive and opaque; products are not standard; there is no off-the-shelf supply. We Keenteq are trying our best to make LED display products more and more clear,open and cheap in price, standardized, large stock available, and more convenient in usage!


We hope that through the efforts of all of us, LED Screen in Dubai will be more advantageous to replace LCD monitors in advertising applications.

Types of LED Screen Walls

  • Outdoor LED walls

  • Indoor LED Walls

Outdoor LED Screen Walls

Outdoor LED display screen panels are the common LED display screen panels whose application is outdoors best suited for arenas, entertainment hubs, advertisements, public information etc. They are highest quality LED components with superior brightness, contrast and vivid color. Outdoor LED display screens are waterproof with a higher IP rating which is essential for withstanding all conditions

Indoor LED Screen Walls

Indoor LED display screen video panels possess higher resolution due to the reduced viewing distance which is ideal for indoor applications, hotels, banks and exhibitions which is exclusively utilized in the area of digital signage. High refresh rate, color reproduction, greater resolution of the indoor LCD display makes them one of the promising choice in the market.

LED video wall  

A video wall is an integrated solution. These days, the "wall" typically consist of multiple HD or 4K displays arranged together to create a very large canvas. A display wall is driven by a powerful processing and computing device called a video wall processor or controller.


Specialized content and device management software controls all of the system hardware and necessary content. A video wall behaves like a single display, but the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful. A complete system delivers performance, flexibility, and interactivity that simply isn’t possible with more basic solutions.

Transparent LED Screen in Dubai

The screens have a glass-like surface which provides high-definition results for users. These screens are becoming increasingly popular for different reasons, and for starters, they can be installed anywhere with sufficient space.


These LED screens are ideal for large areas and outdoor advertising, often like a glass curtain wall.


Many people also use these screens as digital signage screens or for a transparent video wall. A fine led display offers a better display, and people use it for advertising media and products.

Why choose KeenTeQ for your video walls?

  • Experts in Video Installations.

  • Best at what we offer.

  • Always there when you call.

  • Train our clients on the use of the displays.

LED Screen
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