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Choosing an MCC Abu Dhabi Approved CCTV Company: Ensuring Superior Security Standards

Updated: Jun 19

mcc abu dhabi

Choosing the correct surveillance solutions provider is essential in today's society when security and safety are top priorities. Security and surveillance systems in Abu Dhabi are standardized by the Monitoring and Control Center (MCC). Selecting a CCTV company that has received MCC approval ensures that you will get the best equipment and service possible, meeting strict quality and performance guidelines. The significance and advantages of choosing a CCTV company that the MCC Abu Dhabi has approved are discussed in this blog article.

What is  MCC Abu Dhabi?

The regulatory body in charge of monitoring and improving the emirate's infrastructure for safety and security is called the Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) in Abu Dhabi. A CCTV provider that has received MCC accreditation has proven to have complied with the center's strict standards, guaranteeing dependable, superior surveillance solutions.

The Law of Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) Abu Dhabi

It is a fact that most public and private institutions in Abu Dhabi are required by law to have monitoring and control systems.

 The Emirate of Abu Dhabi's Executive Council established the Monitoring and Control Center ("MCC") in accordance with Abu Dhabi Law No. 5 of 2011 ("MCC Law"), with the following legal objectives:

 Coordinating, planning, and utilizing the systems of surveillance and control devices in key locations, facilities, and public and private establishments; analyzing the data these devices provide in order to stop crimes from being committed, find the criminals, and maintain public safety and order in the Emirate; and guaranteeing the continuous operation of surveillance and control devices and systems as well as their integration and coherence with other surveillance and control devices and systems in the Emirate.

The MCC envisions an intelligent and safe Abu Dhabi. The MCC is in charge of providing licenses, non-objection certificates, and accreditation certificates for the practice of monitoring works in public places and facilities, private locations, and associated infrastructure, in accordance with Abu Dhabi Law Executive Regulations No. 5 of 2011 ("MCC Regulations"). The MCC also established the technical requirements and standards for monitoring and control devices.

Why Choose a CCTV Company with MCC Approval?

  • Increased Safety: CCTV systems from businesses with MCC approval are made to provide the best possible security features. These systems offer thorough coverage and defense against potential attacks thanks to their sophisticated motion detection, high-resolution imagery, and strong data security protocols.

  • Adherence to Regulations: You may be guaranteed that your surveillance system conforms with local laws and requirements by working with a CCTV company that the MCC has approved. In order to prevent potential fines and legal troubles, this is especially crucial for enterprises and organizations that have to follow certain security standards and regulatory obligations.

  • Observance of High Standards: The MCC certification guarantees that the CCTV provider satisfies exacting quality requirements. This covers the application of cutting-edge technologies and the following recommended installation and maintenance procedures. You can choose a business that the MCC has recognized and be sure that the surveillance system will function effectively and dependably.

  • Knowledge and Determination: Businesses that have received MCC approval have proven to be very knowledgeable and professional. This will guarantee that your surveillance system is installed by professionals, that it is equipped with top-notch hardware, and that you receive continuous assistance.

Advantages of Selecting an MCC Approved CCTV Company

  1. Reliable performance The stringent clearance procedure guarantees the dependability and longevity of the services and equipment these businesses offer. This lowers the possibility of system malfunctions and guarantees ongoing monitoring, both of which are essential for preserving security.

  2. Entire Assistance: Businesses with MCC approval provide full support services, such as upgrades, maintenance, and installation. This guarantees the continued efficacy and modernity of your monitoring system, offering long-term security advantages.

  3. Modern Technology:  Businesses with MCC approval employ cutting-edge technology in their surveillance systems. The use of sophisticated analytics, high-definition cameras, and system integration with other security systems provides thorough and astute surveillance capabilities.

  4. Particularized Remedies: These businesses offer specialized surveillance systems to fulfill particular requirements. MCC-approved businesses may create and install systems that precisely match your security needs, whether they are for commercial, industrial, or domestic use.

MCC Abu Dhabi


Selecting a CCTV company that the MCC Abu Dhabi has recognized is essential to guarantee the greatest security and surveillance standards. To satisfy your unique demands, these businesses offer cutting-edge technology, dependable performance, and extensive support. At KeenTeQ, we stress the value of collaborating with accredited professionals to improve security and safety.

Get in contact with KeenTeQ at +971 52 142 6565 if you're looking for an MCC Abu Dhabi- approved CCTV Company that can handle your security needs.


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