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Choose the Best CCTV Installer in Dubai for the Best Results

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

CCTV Installer Dubai

CCTV Installer Dubai was formerly present in highly protected infrastructures and buildings. But as technology advanced and became more widely available, CCTV cameras appeared everywhere—from banks to retail stores with checkout counters above them. Yet these days, you can find them at almost any business or place you can imagine, including mini-storages, restaurants, hotels, traffic signals, and petrol stations.

CCTV installer Dubai has been combined with developing technology. The Security Industry Regulatory Agency's (SIRA) guidelines enable the achievement of this objective. It promotes the fusion of technologies to boost productivity, enhance usability, and extend capabilities. Examples of these technologies include automation, cloud computing, and the Internet. CCTV cameras, which were formerly only used for security and surveillance, are now also utilized in marketing, traffic and behavioral studies, and human resources, including creative techniques to acquire visual proof for workers' compensation claims.

So, before choosing Technology for CCTV Surveillance and an SIRA-approved CCTV Company in Dubai, keep the following points in mind if you're considering implementing modern surveillance camera technology to help your business, whether for security or other reasons.

It is essential to position CCTV surveillance cameras so that they can view the entire area. In the same way, as mentioned above, place the CCTV cameras so they can see the region you intend to search. For instance, placing cameras at the corners may cause blind spots and obstruct your view.

Consider Lighting Conditions

In particular, for the Lobby Area CCTV Indoor Camera and Corridor Area CCTV Indoor Camera, make sure there is enough lighting in the area under observation so the indoor CCTV camera can detect distinguishing elements like face features. Given the lighting in your region, you can install a surveillance CCTV camera with night vision and WDR (wide dynamic range) capabilities.

Ensure Enough Coverage for Access Points That Are Hidden

Basement windows and doors, as well as back doors, are frequently used by burglars to gain in. From your CCTV cameras, these areas need to be visible.

Cover Main Entries & Exits

Install a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) CCTV Surveillance camera to watch that area and record mail or package theft occurrences, as burglars often use the main entrance for entry.

Utilize CCTV cameras for specific purposes based on your surveillance needs.

PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras aren't worth the high expectations you might have. Although they are highly accurate and produce the best results, they are complicated devices with many moving parts, have a limited viewing area even if they are mobile, and work best when a security specialist is positioned at a workstation, monitoring cameras and examining video feeds. They employ fixed, wide-angle cameras that are strategically placed to observe a broad region, but they have substantial maintenance and running costs. If required, you can use the right software to connect the two video systems using a PTZ camera with a wide-angle lens in specific scenarios. For the PTZ to swivel and zoom to record a specified region for a certain amount of time before switching back to its usual view if the wide-angle detects action in a quadrant that you select. By monitoring everything and taking appropriate action when necessary, your program serves as your security guard in this manner.

Protect and use Concealed Cable System

Easy-to-reach cables should never be left exposed since they could be severed. An expert CCTV security camera system installer in Dubai will cover the wire with conduit, hiding it or at least making it more challenging to access.

Install Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

CCTV cameras indoors shouldn't be mounted outside. It'll expose your camera to elements it wasn't meant for, such as dampness, condensation, insect nests, and other problems. It will also result in reduced image quality if any at all.

Wired CCTV Security Cameras

Installing a wireless CCTV camera system requires a sizable expenditure because these cameras can be rather pricey commercial grade. After all, boosting security is the main objective of video surveillance. Even with improvements in technology, wireless technology is still more "hackable" than a cable-based CCTV camera system.

Secure your equipment

Going back to what we discussed earlier, if you have an Internet of Things (IoT)-)-connected camera system, ensure it is safe from outside hackers.

Change the factory-set default passwords and make use of any security features your machine may offer. The use of web-based webcams for DDoS attacks is not new. To ensure that your CCTV system works for you and not for bad actors, secure it.

Think about the Video Management System (VMS), Storage, and Retrieval.

CCTV cameras gather information. A place to send the data and a method for securely storing it for retrieval at a later date are required. Think about whether to store the data on the cloud or a hard drive. Do you have enough room on your storage device to keep all of your data? In the event of a burglary, how would you get the data back and how would you provide the Dubai police with a video file? When you design your CCTV surveillance system, keep these essential elements in mind.

Seek out expert counsel or assistance.

Professional installers have worked in the security and surveillance sector their entire careers. For your home or company, you might be able to build a simple, effective system yourself. Whether it involves establishing a CCTV system in your home or region of business by established standards, they are qualified specialists, especially for large organizations. A proficient and technically competent staff is required for the installation of medium-sized or big-area surveillance systems to provide excellent service that satisfies your safety requirements and all legal regulations. You could at least depend on their expertise and understanding of CCTV if you don't want to hire them to perform magic for you. Hiring an expert surveillance camera installer may end up saving you money when you factor in your time and labor.

CCTV Installer Dubai

Hire SIRA Approved Specialists only, who have solid experience installing security systems, from SIRA-approved CCTV installer Dubai.

Avoid selecting the cheapest CCTV company in Dubai when looking to employ one. Select the best course of action by choosing solid technical knowledge and abilities. Perhaps your friend who installs security cameras on the side is more affordable, but if he moves, gets promoted at his regular job, or finds another side gig, he won't be able to help you later.

Do your homework in advance if you're considering the idea of setting up a video surveillance system for your business. Answer the question, "Why do you think you need cameras?" Jot down a list of the things you hope to remove from the system. Specifically, what would you like to see?

In Dubai, KeenTeQ is an SIRA-approved CCTV surveillance company. Get in contact with KeenTeQ at +971 52 142 6565 if you have any inquiries concerning video surveillance or other business equipment. For more details, Visit our website at


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